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‘first person’ escape game demo

The purpose of this demo is to show you that you can have a single player game on an ordinary WordPress page without any 3rd party plugins and without any 3rd party game hosting such as Steam.
As you can see in the game, you can have animation, lipsync, sound, menu, hints, 3D models and so forth

The technology used in this demo is WebGL. It works only with Chrome/Firefox/Edge. Safari does NOT support this technology. It is designed to work on a PC. Please use Chrome or Firefox or Edge but NOT Safari and allow 2-3 minutes for the game to load in your browser

Example usages –

  • provide a virtual promo of your ‘real’ escape room
  • start virtual continue in your ‘real’ escape room
  • start in your ‘real’ escape room and continue virtual
  • provide ‘mini games’ to your players
  • you can have ‘nested games’, ‘teleport’ to new rooms, have secret passages, and so forth

In the game, use the Tab key for a menu, use w/s keyboard keys to move, drag the right mouse to rotate